Owendale – Gagetown Area Schools

Parent – Teacher Organization (PTO)

What is the PTO?

It is the Owendale-Gagetown School Parent-Teacher Organization.  We are a group of parents and teachers who meet once a month to plan fundraisers and events to promote our school and support our students.


  • President:  Kayla Treib
  • Vice President:  Morgan Schillinger
  • Secretary:  Mallory Klosowski
  • Treasurer:  Sherry Fritz

HUGE thanks goes out to all of the volunteers and donors for PTO activities.  Many field trips would not be  possible without this group.

Our PTO collects the following:

Box Tops:  Cut the box top out along the line.

VG’s Community Share Points:  The points are found at the bottom of your cash register tape. You may turn in the whole register tape if you wish.

Spartan UPC’s:  Turn in the UPC from any Spartan product.

Coke Caps:  Turn in your coke caps.

Nabisco and Keebler Cookie Wrappers:  Whole wrappers from any size Nabisco cookie product.

Tyson Project A+ Labels:  Turn in the label with the A+ & the 1.2.3.

Soft & Good Bread UPC:  UPC with the School Spirit logo.

Capri Sun and Kool Aid Juice Pouches:  Cut the bottom of the pouch in the fold and rinse well.

Used inkjet cartridges & Cell Phones:  Turn in any used inkjet cartridges or cell phones and we will recycle them.

Mars Candy Wrappers:  Big and small chip bags of Frito Lays chips.

Sharpie Permanent Markers are Highlighters:  Whole used markers.

Expo Dry Erase Markers:  Whole used markers.

Country Crock & I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter tubs and lids.

Scotch Tape dispenser and rolls.

Ziploc bags and containers.

Program Dates

The following is a list of some items the PTO paid/help paid for last year.